Privacy Policy

KBIHM understands and respects the privacy of the clients that have been served by it. In order to highlight and demonstrate our privacy policy, we have created a privacy statement for you. It will disclose the process of information gathering that we at KBIHM follow and how we use and protect any vital information that our clients give us.

Have a look at all the points which are showcased below. These will give you an insight into our privacy policy.

Information collected by us

Your name, job title, contact information like the mailing or the email address, your contact number, demographic information or any other type of data which will be relevant to our customer surveys or offers is collected by us.

How the information gathered is used?

All the information that we collect will enable us to know about your needs and cater you with the optimum service. Further, it would allow us to improve our products and services and serve our customers according to their individualistic expectations. We may also use this information for market research purposes by contacting you.

All Information is secure

KBIHM is committed to preventing any act of unauthorized access which may put your security at stake. We have incorporated certain stringent procedures to safeguard all the information that is collected by us. As a user, you should rest assured regarding all the necessary precautions that will be undertaken by us to protect your information.

Link to third party websites

KBIHM may provide links to other websites which can be accessed by all the users which visit our website. In no case whatsoever, KBIHM will not be responsible or liable for any sort of subscription that you do by clicking on the links of the third party websites. Therefore, before subscribing it your sole responsibility as a user that you view the privacy policy of that particular website.

You can unsubscribe from our services anytime

We do not force our products and services on any of our customers. All our customers can follow an easy process to unsubscribe from any of our products and services that do not find worthy enough to invest in. KBIHM believes in serving only those customers who would be genuinely benefited by our services.

Change in Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is subject to change and revise from time to time. Any sort of updations will be highlighted on this page. KBIHM reserves all the rights to implement the needed changes in it.