6 Techniques to Use Social Media to Leverage Your Business


Still having doubts about the power of Social Media and wondering how it can be beneficial for your small business? There are more than 50 million businesses using Facebook Business Page. While you are thinking about utilizing social media as a business platform, the customers you are looking for are already there. This makes it very important to adopt social media to reach your potential customers efficiently. But it’s important to follow a proper strategy to target the proper audience instead of blindly invest in social media advertising.
So, let’s take a look at 6 ways Social Media can be used to expand your business.

1. Increase Leads

According to research, the social media platform is mostly used by small businesses than bigger enterprises to increase the leads. But this advantage of social media is actually fruitful only if you're able to convert the leads into successful customers.
Even in Ascend2's findings, improving the quality of leads is proved as the only barrier to success.
One great way to overcome this barrier to success is promoting gated content. But keep in mind, the content must be compatible with the needs and interests of your social media followers. The content must contain a picture, video, or graphics so that it is easy for followers to understand and take interest in your business.

2. Improves Search Engine Ranking

There have been lots of debates and conversations on this topic, but in the end, there is only one outcome, that is, social media can and will always improve the rankings.
More the customers visit your social media profile, more it boosts your social media page ranking. To track the rankings, there are the variety of tools available. Some tools like, Pro Rank Tracker, or Tiny Rocket are available free of cost also. So, don't check your pockets, just start making use of social media.

3. Drive Traffic

Small businesses make use of social media to only increase the traffic to their website. Other than this, they don't even know how social media works. Even the Social Media Examiner agrees to this theory. Engaging more traffic totally depends on strong social media presence. If you're failing, that means you're losing organic generated traffic to your website. Only the current followers are engaged on your website.
You'll need to strongly expand your brand reach to grow the website traffic.

4. Create Brand Recognition

Raising brand awareness must be the top most priority of every small business. Because as a customer, we also prefer to purchase from the brands we recognize, the same goes for the others. If we make a comparison, then social media can be a better help in putting your brand in front of the target audience than the traditional media.
So, to take advantage of social media, try to invest time in engaging relevant and SEO specific content, images, profiles etc.
You can look up the Nike Twitter account as an example, like how and what they've used as their profile and cover images. The purpose is to determine what these small things lead to.

5. Develop Trust

Social network not only provides a stage for advertising your business, but it also facilitates better communication with your customers. A loyal fan base is always important for the growth of your business. For gaining loyal customers, it is important that you build their trust. That’s where the role of social media comes into the play. You can find fun ways to interact with your customers and engage them further with your brand. You can also collaborate with influencers to promote your services in a more genuine way. People feel more connected when they hear about real experiences. So, while developing your fan base of loyal customers, you can gain new customers too. This technique is followed by many top brands and it always yields positive results.

6. Keep an Eye on Competitors

To look upon where your competitors have reached or what strategies they're using to maximize the traffic, social media is the best way. It not only helps you in learning the strategies but also helps in leveraging your performance. You can learn how your competitors are connecting to their followers, and how they're performing better than you. Some social media networks also provide tools specially designed for businesses. These tools allow you to track the progress and trends of your competitors.

Social Media gives you an opportunity to learn from the strategies and mistakes of your competitors. But keeping an eye doesn't mean that you should copy them. Instead of imitating, try to tweak their methods into original ideas. This way you can make most out of the social media.

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