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What's New ?

KBIHM puts a step forward in the global industry by allying with a reputed finance and accounting corporate in the Australian market.

Media & Information Services


Media and entertainment commerce has been constantly revamping because of the constant market uncertainty, technological podiums are speedily developing, fresh business plans are being sprouted, client entertainment preferences are constantly changing and the industry is challenged with fresh competition by numerous sectors. KBIHM s in-depth exposure and expertise with media facilitates its industry clients to get accustomed to the constant changes in the digital industry, offering path-breaking business solutions and making them exploit the latest opportunities.

To keep the clients as the front runners,KBIHM offer back-to-back content solutions and services catering to the media & information service industry. We have the aptitude to design, sustain and manage ideal business and industry solutions, whether it is content drafting and management to issuing and endorsing.

The two-way approach, digital expertise and in-depth industry proficiency have facilitated the squad at KBIHM to exhibit their competence in extremely intricate and multifaceted arenas. What accounts for the proficiency of the company is that it is adept with the aspect that well planned out innovation is the chief ingredient for success in the present unsettling domain, no matter if it comes to originality in designing fresh services, originality in setting up fresh business models or originality in developing an agile and reasonable company infrastructure.

KBIHM adds feather in the cap by designing a highly competent, everlasting infrastructure for industry and gaming arenas, effectual and innovative models for allocated system development, support and BPO services.