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KBIHM puts a step forward in the global industry by allying with a reputed finance and accounting corporate in the Australian market.

Debtors Management


Debtors are the clients or business owners who are indebted to pay you money. Wise management of the debtors would assist you in getting paid must faster and also enhance the cash flow. Also, constantly chasing your debtors would facilitate you to redeem the debts along with maintaining cordial customer relationship.

Your Own Accounts Team

Visualize yourself halving a reliable team member who would focus on following up with your debtors on one particular day of every week of a month all through the year. At KBIHM, we would be more than happy to be that particular staff member.

While discussing with you, we would put into practice an ongoing system that would follow up with your patrons to ascertain that you are timely getting paid.

Do you wish us to shoot a reminder for your debtor prior to the invoice getting scheduled? That would not be a concern! Also, do you wish to buzz your debtor on a particular day of the week? This too is very simple!

Do you wish us to give a call to your debtor few times after the due date is crossed? Regard it as completed! We can send cordial reminders or even follow a harsh approach, whichever you choose.

What you would achieve? The client’s timely payment and an efficient and consistent cash flow. At KBIHM, we can prefer using your own email address to send in cordial email reminders to the debtors, we can make follow up calls as a team member of your business along with providing you with the personalized statements providing you with a detailed report about the receivables.

The benefits of availing our Debtor Management Services are: