...aspiring towards eternal endurance!!

What's New ?

KBIHM Consulting puts a step forward in the global industry by allying with a reputed finance and accounting corporate in the Australian market.

Database Systems


The 21st century companies value database systems to save the details of their companies making these available to the important clients via the company. The experts at KBIHM design the database systems in a way that simplifies the procedure of sharing information. The innovative and user-friendly database system makes it much easier for your valuable clients to have a glance at your company’s processes and numerous other significant statements.

The extensive experience of the professionals at KBIHM proves resourceful in constructing interactive and resourceful web database systems for the clients located globally. Not just this, the professionals are also proficient in designing customized database design & development solutions according to the requirements of the clients.

You can now fabricate a custom application with the assistance of the professionals who would assist you in opting for an apt database technology. User-friendly web databases like MySQL, MsSQL and lot more are employed for professional internet development and management. We, at KBIHM can prove to be your best option to realize your requirements regarding a database with extensive technologies and applications. You will attain customized data base development systems that would suit your business requirements.

Whether you seek for an extensive database driven site or a system, we would bring forth for you professional and refined database development solutions that would be personalized and fabricated to meet your specific requirements.

The data base development system proffered by KBIHM is supported by an array of diverse application languages and interfaces. The professional and trained data base squad design, embed and upgrade diversified application tools, allocate system storage together with planning out forthcoming storage necessities for the database system.

...aspiring towards eternal endurance!!

What's New ?

KBS3 Consulting puts a step forward in the global industry by allying with a reputed finance and accounting corporate in the Australian market.

Content Management System


Integrate with KBIHM profound industry understanding and skilled process along with cloud based services at affordable cost of operations. We are offering experienced quality data ownership together with security features that ensures data portability. With KBIHM you can get the technologies that move your business in right direction.

Why KBIHM content Management system?

Professionals at KBIHM designed and developed technically advanced content management systems and offer an over-plus options that include all the prospects for modifying the HTML of your website. Our professionals configure your system for speedy updations in particular aspects of the site. Content management system (CMS) designed by KBIHM is keeping in mind the business requirements of each client. You will not have to spend an extra penny on the services that you don’t want. You can easily get customized as per your business requirements.

See how you can be benefitted with exclusive content management solutions of KBIHM:

  • Uncomplicated and simple updates
  • Both time and money are reserved
  • Update your website with new content
  • Ease of search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Authorization to revamp what you need to update

At KBIHM we use latest open source technologies that include Drupal, Joomla and .Net Nuke to create a professional content management system that offers affordable access to significant resources and components.