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KBIHM puts a step forward in the global industry by allying with a reputed finance and accounting corporate in the Australian market.

BAS and the ATO


KBIHM is thorough with the fact that your business portal is your first step towards attaining our online services for your businesses. The efficient and authentic BAS and the ATO offers hassle-free and convenient access to information and facilitates you to carry out transactions with us in a safe and sound online surroundings.

  • At KBIHM, we strive to ascertain that your ATO deadlines are attained each and every time.
  • As tax agents and accountants, we are well versed with the ATO requirements and when they are required. We however, ascertain these are achieved each time at the deadline.

  • Prolonged due dates for lodgement and payment of your GST.
  • Not only are we proficient in organizing your BAS statements but also as tax agents, we are efficient in lodging your BAS electronically with the ATO. Working with us would ensure that your BAS due dates are automatically extended as long as we fill in BASís on your behalf.

  • GST Audit & ATO Communication
  • Have you lately procured and extensive amount of fresh equipments? Did you pay a franchise fee? Or have you procured a car? In any of these cases, you would be entitled to immense GST refund that would call for an audit from the ATO as a part of their latest audit program. We at KBIHM would be liable to deal with the ATO on your behalf and render them with entire mandatory paperwork to get the audit cleared.

    As professional accountants, we are up-to-the-minute with GST legislation so that you donít have to bother about paying GST inaccurately.

  • How much GST do I need to keep aside?
  • If your BAS is lodged appropriately, we could assist you in avoiding the unnecessary trouble that comes along with shelling out 3 months of GGST in one go by informing you each month about the amount you need to keep aside as the BAS liability for that particular quarter so that you donít fall short of the amount when it is the actual time to pay your GST.